International dancesport competition - Klaipeda Open 2017
WDSF Open Youth ST/LA, WDSF Open Junior II ST/LA, WDSF Open Junior I ST/LA
Lietuvos reitingo varžybos I var.

2017 April 08

Place: Sporto str. 3, Palanga, Lithuania, Palangos arena


Start nuo 10.00 val.
Registration nuo 8.00 val. iki 9.15 val.

SOLO Girls E3 (SW+Cha+J) (be the first!)
Children III E4 (2006 and younger) III level (SW+Q+Cha+J) (be the first!)
Children II E3 (2007 and younger) I+II level (SW+Cha+J) (be the first!)
Juvenile II E4 (SW+Q+Cha+J) (be the first!)
Juvenile II E6 (SW+T+Q+Cha+R+J) (be the first!)
Junior I E4 Ranking (SW+Q+Cha+J) (Final)
Junior I+II E6 (SW+T+Q+Cha+R+J) (Final)
Junior I D LA Ranking (S+Cha+R+J) (Final)
Junior II D LA Ranking (S+Cha+R+J) (Final)
Junior II C LA Ranking (S+Cha+R+Pd+J) (be the first!)
Youth + Adult D ST Ranking (SW+T+VV+Q) (be the first!)
Youth + Adult C ST Ranking (SW+T+VV+SF+Q) (be the first!)
Senior II+III ST Ranking (SW+T+VV+SF+Q) (Final)


Start nuo 14.30 val.
Registration nuo 12.30 val. iki 13.30 val.

Children I E2 (2008 and younger) I+II level (SW+Cha) (be the first!)
Juvenile I E4 Ranking (SW+Q+Cha+J) (Final)
Juvenile II D+C LA (S+Cha+R+J) (Final)
WDSF Open Junior I LA (Final)
WDSF Open Junior II ST (Final)
WDSF Open Youth ST (be the first!)


Start nuo 18.30 val.
Registration nuo 16.30 val. iki 17.30 val.

Children I E2 (2010 and younger) I level (SW+Cha) (be the first!)
Juvenile I E6+D Ranking (SW+T+Q+Cha+R+J) (Final)
Juvenile II D+C ST Ranking (SW+T+VV+Q) (Final)
WDSF Open Junior I ST (Final)
WDSF Open Junior II LA Ranking (Final)
WDSF Open Youth LA (Final)
Youth + Adult A+B ST Ranking (SW+T+VV+SF+Q) (be the first!)


*Schedule could be changed slightly.

Visos sportinių šokių varžybos yra vykdomos pagal patvirtintas LSŠF taisykles. Dalyvių apranga, brėžiniai kvalifikacinėms ir vaikų grupėms, licencijos pagal LSŠF reikalavimus.
Varžybų dieną registracijos metu būtina pateikti LSŠF varžybų dalyvio knygutę su galiojančia 2017 metų licencija. Pirmamečių grupėse nebūtinos knygutės, licencijos bei specialūs drabužiai!

At the competition WDSF and LDSF rules for dress code and syllabus for qualification classes and children groups must be applied!

Prizes: All Children groups are awarded medals! All finalists are awarded medals, cups and prizes!
Music: MG Project from Estonia (DJ Maksy and vocal Gerli Padar) in the evening part.

Travelling: Nearest International Airport: Palanga (8 km from competition venue). Organizers provide transfer by appointment.
Hotels: Organizers are providing the best places at the city center: 15 – 50 Euro per person per night.

Judges: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Kazakhstan, Germany, Belgium.
Workshop: Private lessons with coaches from Italy and Finland are available on the 9th April, 2017.

Entry fee per person per program: WDSF groups - 15 €, sport groups: 12 €, children groups: 8 €.
Tickets: 7 € per person; seat at the table – 10 € (please, book seats at the table in advance).

Deadline: please register till 5th of April, 2017

Atsisiuntimui: kvietimas į varžybas / plakatas.

Download: invitation to competition / poster.

Information: +370 612 24511, +370 686 56525,

Organizers: World dance sport federation (WDSF), Lithuanian dance sport federation (LDSF), Dance sport club "Žingsnis". Patron of the competition Palanga mayor Šarūnas Vaitkus.

We kindly invite you to one of the most beautiful West Lithuanian resorts – Palanga!
Here you will find many opportunities for your rest and entertainment!

Each year we meet over 500 couples at this competition!